by Clemans Miyanicwe

THE Kamanjab Village Council has handed over fabric to residents who are to use it for making face masks.

Kamanjab Village Council secretary Bianca Nguaiko hands over fabric to one of the group leaders as material to make masks as the town has no shops that sell them. Photo: Kamanjab Village Council

The village council’s secretary, Bianca Nguaiko, told The Namibian that the council handed over 80 metres of fabric to some locals on Wednesday.

According to Nguaiko it was decided to buy N$4 000 worth of fabric and supply it to residents, to be used to make face masks, as there are no shops that sell masks at the village.

The fabric was handed over to various groups, including people living with a disability, youth, pensioners and women. Each group consists of up to 25 people.

“The beneficiaries will make masks and sell it to the locals on a subsidised price,” Nguaiko said on Thursday.

Each group is expected to make about N$20 000, but has to give back N$1 000 to the village council for a revolving fund from which money is to be used for future projects.

The village council plans to use the revolving fund to create employment for local residents on projects such as gardening, chicken farming and needlework, said Nguaiko.

“We don’t want to depend only on government for funding,” she remarked.

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