by Adam Hartman

SUPPORTERS of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) at Swakopmund burst into celebration after supporters learned that the party’s candidate, Ciske Smith, had won.

Smith had won by nearly 2 500 votes compared to her Swapo rival.

Electoral commission returning officer David Diener read the regional election results for the Swakopmund constituency on Thursday.

Of the 12 027 votes casted for the regional council, IPC received 5 688, Swapo’s Phillipus Munenguni (3 260), Landless People’s Movement’s Hanganeni Kodi (1 119), United Democratic Front’s Mutani Dantu (791), Popular Democratic Movement’s Ihangwapo Hamutenya (740), Republican Party of Namibia’s Elifas //Khoaseb (345) and independent candidate Nghilifavali Nghishilombola (84).

“This is a high win for us, although we expected it,” Smith told The Namibian in front of her new office, situated in Mondesa.

“We are very grateful toward the people of Swakopmund to have put their trust in us. Now it is hard work from here,” she said.

Of the 16 polling stations in the local authority of Swakopmund, Swapo seems to have only won two of the stations.

Smith will be replacing Swapo’s Juuso Kambueshe (who is also the Erongo Regional Council’s chairman). Kambueshe stepped out of the regional office and made himself unelectable, saying he has done enough for the Swakopmund local authority and the regional council, and that he wants to make way for the next person.

Smith is the first white woman to represent a constituency on the Erongo regional council.

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