by Ester Mbathera

INDEPENDENT Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate Deriou Benson, who was contesting for a position at the Walvis Bay Urban constituency, could not vote for himself yesterday as he was a registered voter at the Walvis Bay Rural constituency.

Benson (30), could not change his voters’ card by the time his party announced him as their candidate for the Walvis Bay urban constituency.

“When I registered as a voter, it was not my intention to run as a candidate. Whether I was going to run for Urban or Walvis Bay Rural was never a question. I live in the rural constituency separated by one street from the urban constituency,” he said.

Benson voted at the Lutheran church at Narraville.

If voted into office, he says he would move to his sister’s place, which falls in the Walvis Bay Urban constituency.

“It’s done and dusted. I have exercised my right to vote and I don’t think it is a problem,” he said.

Another IPC candidate, Ciske Smith-Howard, who was contesting at the Swakopmund constituency, did not vote for herself either as she was registered at the Walvis Bay Rural constituency.

Smith-Howard yesterday said she too had no ambition to stand as a candidate at the time of the supplementary registration of voters.

This was also her first time participating in any election.

“I didn’t participate in elections before, but it doesn’t mean I agreed with what was going on. However, by not voting I put someone in office,” she said.

Another regional council candidate who could not vote for himself was Kennedy Iilonga, president of the National Empowerment Fighting Corruption (NEFP), who was standing as a candidate at the Walvis Bay Rural constituency.

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