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LPM to launch ‘climate-resilient’ manifesto

by Ester Mbathera

FIRST-TIME contestants in the presidential and National Assembly elections, the Landless People’s Movement, will launch their campaign and manifesto at Khorixas on Saturday.

LPM deputy leader and chief strategist Henny Seibeb told The Namibian their manifesto will be ‘climate change-resilient’, which he says impacts rural-urban migration, and can significantly affect food security, rural livelihoods and the environment.

“Climate change is one of our priority areas, with a specific focus on land degradation, sustainable land development, and land use management. The problem of the urban land crisis is a direct result of deforestation and land degradation,” he stated.… Read More

Venaani wants ECN leaders to apologise and resign

POPULAR Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani has branded the officials at the helm of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) as liars and charged they can no longer be entrusted with overseeing a credible election.

Venaani called for the officials’ immediate resignation at a media conference in Windhoek on Thursday. The media briefing was convened to place on record the PDM’s dissatisfaction about inconsistent information surfacing around electronic voting machines (EVMs) which went missing while under the care of the ruling Swapo Party.

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“The committee cannot be the referee and player at the same time. But it seems party members do not understand the modus operandi of this committee, as many expect them to take action on any matter that is seen as being against the values of the party’s constitution.” a senior official at the swapo party’s headquarters.

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