Author: Arlana Shikongo

Zambezi, Kavango East hail election results

Photo: File


RESIDENTS of the far north-eastern regions have described this year’s presidential and National Assembly elections as a much needed wake-up call for the ruling party.

Swapo president Hage Geingob was elected as the president of Namibia after garnering 464 703 of the total 826 198 votes in the presidential election.

Independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula received 29,4% of the votes in the presidential election, ending in second place after Geingob.

A total of 820 227 votes were cast in this year’s National Assembly election, according to results announced by the Electoral Commission of Namibia.

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Independent candidacy dominates Walvis Bay Urban by-elections

By Ester Mbathera

TWO members of the ruling Swapo Party have submitted their nominations this month to partake in the Walvis Bay Urban by-elections, set for January next year, as independent candidates.

One such candidate is the former boxing promoter, Knowledge Ipinge and the other is community activist Kenneth Iilonga. They both handed in their nominations as independent candidates for the regional council by-elections.

“I submitted my name [as an independent-candidate nominee] on Friday morning, two days prior to the public seating. I managed to get over 200 signatures,” Impinge said.

Iilonga is trying his luck at the regional councillor … Read More

NPF, CoD to contest election results


THE Congress of Democrats and the National Patriotic Front, whose support base waned severely in last week’s polls, have refused to accept defeat.

The two parties failed to garner enough votes to secure a seat in the National Assembly when Namibians voted last Wednesday.

Other parties which failed to gain any seats are the National Democratic Party (NDP) and the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP).

CoD and NPF said they are seeking audience with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to raise their grievances, as well as investigating the results from polling stations countrywide.

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Military pleased with post-election calm

JOYFUL … Swapo supporters and sympathisers gathered at the ruling party’s office at Oshakati to celebrate their victory as they waited for the results to be announced on Saturday evening, 29 November 2019.


THE Namibia Defence Force (NDF) announced today that it was happy that peace and stability prevailed before, during and after the national elections that took place last week Wednesday.

In a media statement issued by the acting chief of NDF, air vice marshal Martin Pinehas, the NDF is “happy to announce with appreciation that the citizens of the Land of the Brave ensured that peace … Read More

NEFF basks in election showing

BACK IN THE FOLD … NEFF president Epafras Mukwiilongo (middle) pictured with party leaders Werner January (right), and Kalimbo Ipumbu during an event in 2014. Photo: Nampa


THE Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters’ national coordinator Kalimbo Iipumbu hailed the party’s showing in last week’s National Assembly elections, in which the party secured two seats.

This, he said, marks the beginning of hard work.

“It has been difficult taking part in national issues and reaching marginalised communities without any funds from the state. We are going to concentrate on the agenda to liberate our people economically,” he … Read More

Muinjangue hailed as women’s ambassador

Esther Muinjangue. Photo: Nampa


WOMEN activists have described National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) president Esther Muinjangue’s participation in the presidential race as a sign of political maturity among parties.

Muinjangue was elected the first female leader of a Namibian political party at the party’s third elective congress, which took place towards the end of March this year.

She also became the first women to contest the country’s top position after the just-ended presidential and National Assembly elections.

“I think for Esther to go for the presidency – she was brave, she was alone among the men, and she … Read More

Observers give elections the thumbs up

Head of SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) presenting the preliminary statement following the holding of the 2019 presidential & National Assembly elections in Namibia. Photo: SADC Secretariat


A CROSS section of election observers monitoring the pre-and post-election environment in Namibia have called for the Electoral Commission of Namibia to create a broad-based engagement with civil society in the future to give more credence to the electoral process.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Election Observer Mission (SEOM), African Union Election Observer Mission (AUEOM), Electoral Commissions Forum of SADC countries (ECF-SADC), as well as the Commonwealth Election Observer Mission … Read More

Reduced victory … Swapo, Geingob drop votes

President Hage Geingob. Photo: File


PRESIDENT Hage Geingob was re-elected for a second term by a sharply reduced majority in a hotly contested general election, marred by technical failures and a slow vote collating and verification process.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) proclaimed the elections free and fair, despite numerous complaints and allegations of manipulation by opposition parties and candidates.

The electoral management body did little to dispel these allegations.

Namibia’s electorate, which endured standing in long queues and going through a slow voting process at polling stations on Wednesday, was frustrated at having to wait another … Read More

Swapo’s two-thirds majority broken


THE ruling Swapo Party has lost its overwhelming parliamentary dominance after gaining 63 seats in the National Assembly election – just short of a two-thirds majority that would have enabled the party to push through constitutional changes despite opposition from other parties.

President Hage Geingob won re-election with 56,3% of the votes cast in the presidential election – a fall of more than a third from his 87% share of the vote in 2014. Independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula received 29,4% of the votes in the presidential election, ending in second place after Geingob.

The ruling party enjoyed … Read More

ECN to announce official results tonight


THE Electoral Commission of Namibia says it will officially announce the outcome of the presidential and National Assembly elections at 21h00 tonight at the commission’s headquarters in Windhoek.

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) spokesperson Victoria Hango made the announcement today.

Information on the ECN’s online platforms show that the commission is yet to collate results from seven constituencies for the National Assembly and four constituencies for the presidential elections.

ECN chairperson Notemba Tjipueja earlier on Saturday told the media that the delay in the collation of results was caused by the failure of some returning officers to send … Read More

ECN officials refuse to take media questions

Officials of the Electoral Commission of Namibia at a press conference in Windhoek on Saturday. Photo: Sakeus Iikela


OFFICIALS of the Electoral Commission of Namibia refused to answer media questions at a press conference called to brief the public on the progress of announcing election results.

ECN chairperson Notemba Tjipueja who announced the preliminary results for the presidential and National Assembly elections said the commission was experiencing delays with the process of collating the results from some constituencies due to the non-submission of all documentary proof required.

“Typically, the challenge being experienced relates to the failure of some … Read More

Geingob prematurely celebrates win

President Hage Geingob. Photo: Contributed


PRESIDENT Hage Geingob preemptively posted a victory announcement on social media on Saturday afternoon, following an update from the Electoral Commission of Namibia indicating that the incumbent is in the lead.

“I wish to thank Namibians for re-electing me as their president. I am humbled and commit to serve the Namibian nation with more passion and utmost dedication, to bring tangible improvements in the lives of our citizens. I have heard you,” Geingob wrote.

Geingob’s announcement is, however, premature as the provisional results read by ECN chairperson Notemba Tjipueja on Saturday afternoon only … Read More

Itula calls for an urgent Electoral crisis meeting

Panduleni Itula. Photo: File


An urgent electoral crisis meeting called by the independent presidential candidate, Panduleni Itula is underway at an unknown location.

In an invitation to stakeholders, Itula sited the safety and security issues as the reasons for not announcing the venue of the meeting.  

The meeting was called for stakeholders to seek amicable solutions relating to the delay in the announcement of the final elcetion results.

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NDP will return with more energy, reformed – Lukato Lukato

Leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Martin Lukato Lukato.
Photo: Contributed


THE leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Martin Lukato Lukato vowed that his party will return more energised and reformed in the next elections.

Lukato thanked those who voted for his party in the National Assembly race.

“I love you so much. In general, thank you very much for your support shown and given to me and NDP party,” he said in a post on Facebook this morning.

The charismatic Lukato announced that he “will temporarily close this (political) chapter for now and focus on … Read More

PDM hits over 100 000 votes

McHenry Venaani during a rally at Swakopmund earlier this year. Photo: File


THE Popular Democratic Movement has gained over 100 000 votes for the National Assembly elections with 100 constituencies confirmed.

The latest results confirmed by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) show the ruling Swapo party in the lead with over 425 000 votes (66%) followed by the PDM with slightly over 100 000 votes (15%).

The party got about 43 000 votes, gaining five parliamentary seats, when it became the official opposition status in 2014.

The PDM is in second place, followed by the Landless People’s … Read More

LPM’s Swartbooi alleges vote-rigging

By Sakeus Iikela

Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi has accused the Electoral Commission of Namibia and Swapo of rigging the outcome of the national polls.

Swartbooi made these claims at an LPM media briefing in Windhoek on Friday.

He claimed he has been reliably informed that there were foreign nationals who were brought into the country to manipulate the outcome of the elections.

Swartbooi also claimed the LPM uncovered a plot by the ruling party and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) to allocate National Assembly seats to political parties.

“Votes are being increased in favor of Swapo and Geingob … Read More

AU says elections met standards

By Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Rehoboth Urban West Constituency presiding officers getting ready to connect the ballot control unit to the tabulator for the collation of the constituency results Thursday morning. Photo: Nampa

THE African Union Electoral Observation Mission has declared that the Namibian elections met international, regional and national standards.
Namibians on Wednesday, 27 November, cast their vote to choose the next leader.

The AU also observed that the elections were conducted in a peaceful manner.

Heading the AU Electoral Observation Mission, former Sierra Leone president Ernest Bai Koroma at a press conference in Windhoek yesterday commended Namibia for maintaining maturity … Read More

Shanghala should not go down alone – Swartbooi

By Sakeus Iikela

Bernadus Swartbooi

Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi says the alleged ‘Fishrot Files’ culprits must be put under strict VIP protection until all investigations into the fishing quotas scandal is concluded.

Swartbooi said former justice minister Sakeus Shanghala and his former fisheries counterpart Bernhard Esau must be kept under strict police watch until they reveal all public officials who were their alleged accomplices in the fishing quota scheme in which they are claimed to have enriched themselves.

Swartbooi said if Esau, Shanghala and other accused are released from custody, he feared their lives could be under threat … Read More

ECN postpones announcements of results

By Sakeus Iikela

THE final results for the presidential and National Assembly elections will be officially announced on Saturday, 30th November.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) in a statement issued at around 23:30 stated that the results will be delayed as a result of “ongoing collation of constituency results which could not be finalized as expected”.

The statement said the ECN experienced unexpected connectivity challenges in certain constituencies relating to the transmission of election results.

Affected constituencies according to the statement are Opuwo rural, Etayi, Ogongo, Ondobe, Eengodi, Moses Garoeb, Windhoek West and Windhoek East. The ECN is working … Read More

ECN prepares to announce results

By Sakeus Iikela

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has finished preparing the hall in which the final results for the presidential and National Assembly elections are to be announced today.

Incumbent president Hage Geingob and all presidential candidates will be expected to attend the announcement of the final results.

About 65% of the votes cast in the elections, equivalent to 501 395 votes, have been confirmed.

The confirmed results so far show Geingob in the lead followed by independent candidate Panduleni Itula, with results in 78 constituencies confirmed.… Read More

RP shuns SADC Electoral Observation Mission

Henk Mudge

By Ester Mbathera
The president of the Republican Party of Namibia said in a statement this afternoon that he would not attend a SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) media conference scheduled for tomorrow.

The observation mission is expected to hold a media conference to release a preliminary statement on Namibia’s national elections that took place this week.

In the statement, Mudge accused the SEOM and the African Union (AU) of failing in all their previous missions. He also expressed unhappiness with the observation mission’s inclusion of Emmanuel Magada, the deputy chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, saying it “makes a … Read More

Oshikoto and Ohangwena complete vote counting

By Hileni Nembwaya

As Namibia awaits the announcement of the 2019 general election results, the Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions are among the few regions that have completed the vote counting process.

According to Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) regional coordinator for the Oshikoto region, Helena Kapenda, all of the region’s 11 constituencies have completed the vote counting process and the results have been sent to Windhoek, where the announcement of results will take place.

Kapenda described the turnout of voters in Oshikoto as impressive, saying that long queues could be observed at most polling stations, with the youth making up … Read More

ECN Walvis Bay Urban Constituency wraps up

Ester Mbathera

Walvis Bay urban constituency elections official wrapping up.
Photo: Ester Mbathera

POLLING officials at the Municipal Hall in Naraville have wrapped up after yesterday’s National Assembly and presidential elections at Walvis Bay urban constituency.

The energy among the team members remained high throughout the election process as well as during the vote collation despite the long working hours.

The elections officials have been awake for over twenty hours, ensuring that eligible voters who were at the polling stations before 21H00 could cast their votes. 

The last vote in the constituency was cast at 01H30 early this morning.

By … Read More

Swakopmund constituency results

Swakopmund constituency votes as per ECN’s Erongo regional coordinator Amos Nguaiko.

The following results include 16 fixed stations, 3 mobile stations and votes from the special elections:

National assembly election result: 18 113
Presidential election result: 18 201

Provisional results available from 13 of the 19 stations showed the top five parties:

Swapo 5881
PDM – 3225
LPM – 808
UDF – 729

Provisional results available from 13 of the 19 stations showed the top four candidates:

Panduleni Itula 6329
Hage Geingob 4628
McHenry Venaani 784
Apius Auchab 406
Bernadus Swartbooi 325… Read More

Swapo’s Erongo coordinator happy with high turnout

By Adam Hartman

HAPPY… Swapo Erongo regional coordinator Moses Muhuura, at the Usakos’ Hakhaseb Community Hall polling station. Photo: Adam Hartman

USAKOS – SWAPO’S Erongo regional coordinator Moses Muhuura, said this year’s elections were a massive improvement from the previous elections.

“This proved that there was voter apathy in the past [among the voters]. And beside the large turnout this time around, many were the youth,” he told The Namibian.

“Namibia is now [almost] 30 years old and there are more people — even the youth —who want to exercise their democratic right,” Muhuura added.

He said the most “critical … Read More

Opposition parties’ agents absent

By Tuyeimo Haidula

ALL SYSTEMS GO … People line up outside the Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School as they wait for the polling station to open so they can cast their votes. Photos: Tuyeimo Haidula

ALTHOUGH all the political parties partaking in the elections were invited to send officials to observe at every polling station during today’s elections, at most polling stations in Oshana, only the Swapo Party was fully represented.

Presiding officer at the Leo Shoopala polling station in the Oshakati West constituency, David Shikomba, said only the ruling party’s officials had turned up as well as those of … Read More

Share your voting experience

#NamElections2019: Have you voted? Share your voting experience. Send us a short text on 99902 or leave a comment below.

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May the best man win – Auchab

By Adam Hartman

OKOMBAHE – UNITED Democratic Front presidential candidate Apius Auchab said that election day should be “embraced as a celebration of democracy” and that, at the end of the day, “the best man – or woman – will win”.

“After this democratic process, we should take the win or the loss and be able to shake hands and pledge our support for one another,” he told The Namibian at Okombahe in the Daures constituency, which is a UDF stronghold.

He said that his expectations were that Geingob could win, although Itula is a “blessing” to prompt a fresh … Read More

Youths should go and vote- King Justus Garoeb

By Clemans Miyanicwe

Damara King Justus //Garoëb

King Justus Garoeb, the royal head of the Damaran, called upon Namibians, especially the youth, to go and vote.

During an interview with The Namibian after casting his vote at the Donkerhoek informal settlement at Khorixas, he urged the youth to engage with the voting process and take on the responsibility of deciding their own future.

“Rights without responsibility builds no future. It’s your right to exercise your right to vote but the right without responsibility to vote today does not build a future of a nation,” the royal said.

“Exercise your rights. … Read More

Two EVMs per polling station not enough

By Gabriel Erastus

RESIDENTS who flocked to various polling centres in the Otjiwarongo constituency were greeted with queues moving at a snail’s pace, as only one EVM was fully functioning for the presidential and National Assembly voting process currently underway.

The residents turned up in large numbers but have had to line up for several hours to cast their votes.

One potential voter stated that she came to the Swaneveld hall polling station at 05h00, but by 09h00 she still hadn’t been assisted.

The Swaneveld hall is one of several central fixed points in Otjiwarongo.

The long, slow queues have … Read More

Itula traces his roots

By Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Shonag McKenzie and Panduleni Itula

Independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula walked the same path he walked 50 years ago as a learner to cast his vote, with the hope of getting the keys of the hilly house at Auasblick.
“This was my classroom in 1969,” Itula told journalists, before casting his vote.
The independent candidate was adamant not to jump the queue, stating he is for the people. Itula was confident that he will win with a landslide.

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Voting halted at old-age home

By Gabriel Erastus

Elders waiting to vote at Otjiwarongo. Photo: Gabriel Erastus

The manager of an old-age home at Otjiwarongo, where a polling station is situated, had a change of heart in the middle of the voting process.

According to regional election coordinator Laimi Onesmus, who was called in to deal with the situation at the polling station, the owner wanted to control who came in and voted, by claiming that is a private property.

Onesmus said that was surprising because the voting venue had been booked a long time ago.

Voting material was then moved from the old-age home … Read More

Elder prays for peace and love during elections

By Adam Hartman

ELDER… Wife of the later Daure-Daman chief Elias Thaniseb, Herta Thaniseb with Uis town clerk Amingo Honeb at the Uis community hall polling station.

THE widow of the late Daure-Daman chief Elias Thaniseb, Herta Thaniseb, says all she prays for is that Namibia’s elections will be peaceful and filled with love between all citizens.

“It does not matter who you vote for; we are all Namibians. We must love one another and be proud of our country,” she says.

Although she came late to the Uis community hall voting station, she was allowed to the front of … Read More

NDF ups security levels ahead of elections

By Ruth Kamwi

THE Namibian Defence Force says it has elevated the security level, and taken necessary measures to protect national key points and the citizens, a media statement issued this afternoon states.

The raising of the security level, the NDF says, follows its observations of “dangerous insinuations” published across social media ahead of tomorrow’s election.

This is contained in a statement issued on Tuesday by Air Vice Marshal Martin Kambulu Pinehas.

“These dangerous insinuations are meant to intimidate voters, destroy national unity and cohesion, cause resentment towards leadership; particularly against the head of state and government, and instill fear … Read More

‘Swapo party sealed’ EVMs create drama

By Clemans Mwiyanicwe

SOME Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) led to a heated argument at the Khorixas Police Station this evening.

United Democratic Front (UDF) members were turfed out by police chief Theofilus Ipinge when they questioned why some EVM seals sported only the name of the ruling party on the back, whilst those of other political parties were absent.

“Please leave the yard. We are working,” Ipinge told the UDF supporters, who were demanding answers as to why the EVMs displayed only the Swapo party’s name.

UDF secretary for transport and work Pieter Kausona asked, “Are the boxes of EVMs … Read More

Eenhana’s San community without voters cards

By Hileni Nembwaya

ON the eve of the 2019 elections, a number of San people at Eenhana in Ohangwena region will not participate in the elections as some of them do not have voters cards.

Several members of the San community who spoke to The Namibian earlier on Tuesday said they do not have national documents, hence, could not acquire voters cards to enable them to participate in the elections set for tomorrow.

Many of them are young people who have never participated in the elections due to a lack of documents.

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Okafululu residents refuse to vote

By Hileni Nembwaya

Oshikango’s Okafululu informal settlement in the Ohangwena region.
Photo: Garwin Beukes

The residents of Okafululu informal settlement at Oshikango in the Ohangwena region say that they see no reason to vote as the leaders do not stick to their promises.

A number of residents told The Namibian that they would not vote on Wednesday because the national leaders do not care about their needs, and because they have not seen any sort of improvement in their circumstances since the formation of the settlement in the early 2000s.

The residents do not have access to water, electricity or … Read More

Slow election setup in Oshana

By Tuyeimo Haidula

THE setting up of the elections in Oshana region has started off slowly, with most polling stations still waiting for materials few hours to tomorrow’s polls.

Hesekiel Mbango, a polling officer at the Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School polling station, this afternoon said they had put up the booths but were still waiting for more election materials to complete the setup. Mbango said this meant they would have to work throughout the night.

The officers at Leo Shoopala polling station in Oshakati West constituency were still busy putting up the lights in the polling station.

Read more: … Read More

Slow set up for elections at Tsumeb

By Ndanki Kahiurika

SOME polling stations at Tsumeb were still trying to set up their equipment for the presidential and National Assembly elections by late Tuesday afternoon.

Moses Awiseb, a manager at the old age home at Tsumeb, told The Namibian that they had just received a call that the necessary equipment would soon be on the way.

The Namibian found two staff members of the old age home clearing the hall area for use.

The hall is currently being used as a sleeping area for pensioners residing at the old age home, whilst renovations are underway on some of … Read More

Hundreds flock to ECN office for duplicate voter cards

By Ester Mbathera

People standing in line at the Erongo Regional office to get their duplicate voter cards. Photo: Ester Mbathera

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia’s regional office in Erongo is preparing to work until late today as hundreds of eligible voters have flocked to the office in an attempt to get their duplicate voter cards.

Today is the last date for the ECN to issue duplicate voter cards. The process will end at 22h00.

ECN education officer Gerhard Tjinotjiua told The Namibian that ECN officials were prepared to work until they had served everyone.

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Setup for elections in Khomas running smoothly

By Khanyiswa Mogotsi

EVM machines stored safely before being transported to various stations.
Photo: Khanysiwa Mogotsi

KHOMAS regional elections coordinator, Hendrik Van Wyk ensured that preparations for tomorrow’s presidential and National Assembly elections were on track and running smoothly in the region.

Speaking to The Namibian today, Van Wyk said they had already sent out the last batch of electronic voting machines to the final constituency.

“They go from here to the centre poll point in the constituencies and from there, they are deployed to various teams at different polling stations,” he said.

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LPM aims to win electorates’ minds and hearts — Swartbooi

CAMPAIGN FINALE … Landless People’s Movement held its final election campaigns rally at Keetmanshoop’s J. Stephanus Stadium on Sunday.
LPM aims to win electorates’ minds and hearts — Swartbooi Photo: Luqman Cloete

THE Landless People’s Movement (LPM)’s leader, Bernadus Swartbooi, said his party focused on winning the hearts and minds of the electorates during the campaign period of tomorrow’s national elections.

He made these remarks during the LPM’s final star rally at Keetmanshoop on Sunday afternoon.

At the rally, that was well attended by the party’s supporters and sympathisers in the southern town, Swartbooi said the LPM campaign sought to … Read More

“I am confident that they know what is expected of them tomorrow,” says Leonard Stephanus, an ECN assistant regional coordinator at Rehoboth. After two weeks of training, polling officers are prepared for the upcoming elections, he says.

Leonard Stephanus
Read More

Youth pin hope for change on elections

By Khanyiswa Mogotsi and Terttu Newaka

YOUTHS in Windhoek say they will vote in tomorrow’s presidential and National Assembly elections in the hope of bringing positive changes to their lives.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, 22-year-old tourism entrepreneur Alfred Nakanyala said he will be voting to allow more youths to enter the political sphere and ascend to leadership.

“We need more youths to take over leadership. We need a country where there are brighter and fresher minds in charge with new ideas that could improve the country, especially with our infrastructure and our governance system,” he reasoned.

Nakanyala added that … Read More

PDM Final star rally

PDM leader McHenry Venaani arrives at the Katutura youth complex to address party members and sympathisers on the party’s promises ahead of Wednesday’s national polls.

Video: Sakeus Iikela

A pastor at the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) star rally on Sunday prayed for the protection of the electronic voting machines to be used in Wednesday’s presidential and National Assembly elections.

Pastor Charles Pieter (right) at the PDM star rally on Sunday. Photo: Sakeus Iikela
Popular Democratic Suppoters at the party’s final star rally.

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Swapo campaigns at Sam Nujoma stadium

Swapo members, supporters and sympathisers are gathered at the Sam Nujoma stadium today for the party’s final campaign rally ahead of Wednesday’s national polls.

The ruling party and its presidential candidate, incumbent president Hage Geingob, will make their final promises to the voters today to justify why they should be given the mandate to rule Namibia for another five years. … Read More

Visually impaired denied right to vote

Image used for illustrative purposes. Photo: Nampa


PEOPLE who are visually impaired have been sidelined when it comes to exercising their democratic right to cast their votes during elections due to a lack of guidance materials.

The chairperson of the Namibian Federation for the Visually Impaired, Moses Nghipandulwa, yesterday said this in a bid to urge the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to cater for all people on 27 November.

Nghipandulwa, whose federation has close to 16 000 members, explained that its members suffered at the polls during the last elections because the ECN could not cater for … Read More

Itula promises health, education reforms

LONG WALK … Independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula and a group of supporters on Monday marched through the streets of Keetmanshoop, in what he described as the “long walk to justice and freedom”. Photo: Luqman Cloete


INDEPENDENT candidate Panduleni Itula has pledged to implement a policy of equitable wealth redistribution, and to reform the health, education and housing systems.

“We have the power to change everything. Your determination will free us from party politics,” said Itula, addressing a huge crowd of supporters at a rally at Keetmanshoop on Monday.

Itula said president Hage Geingob, who is also the … Read More

ECN gears up for elections

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) headquarters.
Photo: File


THE Electoral Commission of Namibia this week assured Namibians that all was set for the national polls.

This is despite the pending verdict on the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs), set to be delivered on Monday.

About 1,3 million Namibians have been registered to vote on Wednesday to decide who leads the country for the next five years.

Briefing foreign and local election observer missions in Windhoek this week, the ECN said there will be 4 241 polling stations countrywide. Of these, 1 410 will be fixed polling stations, … Read More

Shaningwa ‘insect’ remarks draw ire

Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa. Photo: File


RECENT remarks by Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa to supporters to “beat the insect and hammer its head” has drawn wide-ranging condemnation.

Many on social media platforms regarded the remarks as a call for violence.

Shaningwa, who was addressing a Swapo rally at Mariental in the Hardap region on 1 November, can be heard in a widely circulated video speaking in Oshiwambo in an audio clip recorded on Kati FM, which is now circulating on social media.

Although she did not clarify who the ‘insect’ is, the remark was allegedly believed … Read More

UDF soldiers on

… party leaders confident of survival

PATRIOTIC … UDF supporters pictured at an earlier party event.
Photo: File


ONE OF Namibia’s longest surviving minority political parties, the United Democratic Front (UDF), has vowed to remain in parliament, despite what it terms an ‘uneven playing field’ regarding the distribution of election campaign resources.

The party’s president, Apius !Auchab, told The Namibian that the UDF is going nowhere.

IN CHARGE … UDF party president Apius !Auchab.

“UDF will never die a natural death, like other small parties that have come and gone. All the parties that originated … Read More

Police to arrest unruly voters

Registered voters queue up to cast their votes at the Martti Ahtisaari Primary School in Katutura.
Photo: Joseph Nekaya/Nampa


THE police will arrest people who disturb peace and incite violence during the run-up and after next week’s presidential and National Assembly elections.

Police deputy inspector general for operations Oscar Embubulu made these remarks yesterday in Windhoek after briefing foreign and local election observers on the security of the country in the run-up to the national elections set for Wednesday, 27 November.

He said arresting unruly voters was part of the broader contingent plan the police had put in … Read More

Nudo blames Swapo for failing economy

CAMPAIGNING … Nudo’s Erongo coordinator and candi- date for the National Assembly, Uahimisa Kaapehi. Photo: Contributed


THE gains of independence have been tilted in favour of only a few individuals at the expense of the majority of the population.

This is according to Erongo coor- dinator for Nudo and candidate for parliament, Uahimisa Kaapehi.

Kaapehi added that state coffers are being looted, while the country is being ‘sold’ to foreigners, and its natural resources exploited by the elite.

Speaking at the party’s campaign rally at Swakopmund last weekend, he said the decline of the economy was due to … Read More

SADC observers ready for elections

Head of the SADC electoral observation mission (SEOM) in Namibia Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri. Photo: SADC Secretariat


THE SADC Electoral Observation Mission will not interfere in the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections in Namibia.

The mission, which was introduced in Windhoek on Monday, also pledged not to favour any political party or candidate in the upcoming elections, saying they will report all events fairly and according to the laws governing the national elections.

During the launch, head of the SADC electoral observation mission (SEOM) in Namibia, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, said their job from this week until 30 November was to … Read More

EVMs judgement on Monday

Independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula is challenging the Electoral Commission of Namibia’s planned use of the electronic voting machines in the upcoming elections.


THE Electoral Tribunal for the Windhoek district will on Monday decide whether to block the use of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) in the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections.

Magistrate Uatjo Uanivi yesterday reserved his judgement in a case in which independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula is challenging the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)’s planned use of the EVMs in the upcoming elections after hearing oral arguments from both parties.

The judgement will be … Read More

13 November Special Voting Result


FEED: As the results trickle in from the regions, independent candidate Panduleni Itula and Hage Geingob’s votes stand almost toe to toe. In Oranjemund, Itula led with 18 to Geingob’s 17 votes at the Zacharia Lewala polling station.

At the Oranjemund Airport polling station, Itula garnered 68 votes, while Geingob scored 8 votes there.

In Walvis Bay, a total of 615 votes were cast at the Kuiseb Community Hall for the presidential election. There, independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula led with 285 votes, followed by Hage Geingob with 238 votes. PDM’s McHenry Venaani scored 43 votes and UDF’s … Read More

Itula asks tribunal to stop use of EVMs

Panduleni Itula


INDEPENDENT presidential candidate Panduleni Itula on Wednesday filed an urgent application in the Electoral Tribunal to have the Electoral Commission of Namibia ordered not to use electronic voting machines in the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections.

In an affidavit filed at the Electoral Tribunal of the Windhoek district, Itula said reports about missing EVMs cast doubts on the credibility of elections in which the machines are used in Namibia.

He said, as an alternative to the removal of the EVMs from the election process, the ECN must be ordered to implement a voter verifiable paper … Read More

Khorixas special voting trickles in ‘slow’

The polling station for Khorixas located at the town’s Youth Hall.
Photo: Clemans Miyanicwe


THE returning officer of the Khorixas constituency, Timothues !Aebeb, said today that special voting at the Kunene region town was proceeding slowly.

“The officers are coming in numbers. In the morning the process of voting was going smoothly,” !Aebeb said. According to him, Ani#Chab, Fransfontein and Bergsig police officers also voted at Khorixas.

In total 55 police officers in the area are eligible to vote during the elections today.

!Aebeb said four political party agents were at the polling station, representing Swapo, the United … Read More

//Kharas special voting go smoothly

Election officials at the WK Hall at Keetmanshoop’s Tseiblaagte suburb, verifying voters’ card details of the special voters who came to cast their votes.
Photo: Luqman Cloete


THE special voting underway in the //Kharas region is said to be running smoothly.

This was said by the Election Commission of Namibia (ECN)’s //Kharas regional coordinator, Augustines Ucham, this morning.

He said all voting stations across the region were opened on time and “everything is going well so far, there are no incidents of violence or intimidation reported.”

He described the turnout of special voters at the 14 special polling … Read More

Slow start to special voting in the north

Only 90 people cast their votes at a polling station in Oshakati East constituency on Wednesday. Photo: Hileni Nembwaya


THE special voting got off to a slow start in the north as only a limited number of personnel got approval to vote on Wednesday.

Only 90 people cast their votes at a polling station in Oshakati East constituency on Wednesday.

According to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) voting was very slow at most stations, and no major incidents have been reported.

David Shikomba, a presiding officer at Leo Shoopala polling station in Oshakati West constituency, said voters … Read More

LPM proposes radical agrarian reforms

In their election manifesto, LPM promises to address the country’s long-standing land problem.

THE Landless People’s Movement has promised to implement radical agrarian reform programmes to address past racial imbalances in land ownership, once elected into power this month.

In their election manifesto, the LPM – the youngest party contesting this year’s presidential and National Assembly elections – promises to address the country’s long-standing land problem.

The party has also promised to implement a fair land allocation programme to correct “present day government’s unfair land allocation, corruption in land acquisition, processing and resettlement”.

“LPM has consistently demanded radical land and … Read More

ECN Erongo regional coordinator updates on region’s special voting

Erongo regional coordinator of the Electoral Commission of Namibia Nghipuilepo Kashindinge gives an update on the elections process in Walvis Bay urban and rural constituency.

Seagoing personnel and members of the Ministry of Safety and Security are casting their votes today. The voting process has been smooth thus far.

There are a few delays being experienced from the fishing companies who did not provide the electoral officers with their staff lists.… Read More

Walvis dominates Erongo’s special votes

WAITING … Polling officer Wilber Wilbert waiting for voters at the Swakopmund Multi-Purpose Centre in Mondesa. The other polling station is at the International Hostel in town. Photo: Adam Hartman


ALL seagoing personnel at Walvis Bay and Lüderitz are casting their votes today.

In addition, the Namibian Defence Force members at the main army base at Rooikop, members of the naval headquarters and staff at the Erongo police headquarters are also voting today at Walvis Bay.

This makes Walvis Bay the focal point of the special elections today, which was specifically set aside for uniformed personnel and foreign … Read More

IPPR discusses Namibian political finance

IPPR research associate Rakkel Andreas discusses Namibian political finance. Video: Sakeus Iikela

THE government forked out close to N$400 million from 2000 to 2016 to fund the operations of registered political parties represented in parliament.

However, a huge portion of the money allocated to political parties had not been accounted for after most of the parties receiving state funding failed to provide audited financial statements to parliament over the years.

IPPR research associate Rakkel Andreas unpacked public funding for political parties from 2000-2015.

“How well a party is funded is likely to also then influence how it will perform in … Read More

Special voting kicks off at Walvis

Voters at polling stations at Walvis Bay for today’s special voting. Photo: Ester Mbathera

Voting got off to a calm start at all four polling stations for the special voting at Walvis bay rural and urban constituency.

Thousands of seagoing personnel, members of the police, Defence Force and Correctional Services are expected to cast their votes today.

Electronic voting machines will be used in this process with polling staff assisting voters who are using the EVMs for the first time.

Read more: More

Eagle FM Presidential Candidate Debate

LIVE: Six candidates running for the highest office in the land will now take part in a presidential candidate debate in the National Theatre of Namibia in Windhoek. It’s a full house and the Namibian will keep you tuned in through our Facebook live and tweets.

  • The presidential candidate debate is streaming live on our Facebook page. Follow the link:
  • The candidates: RDP’s Mike Kavekotora, PDM’s McHenry Venaani, Nudo’s Esther Muinjangue, LPM’s Bernadus Swartbooi and Swanu’s Tangeni Iijambo. Independent candidate Panduleni Itula withdrew from the debate at the last minute.
  • “It’s time for change, for people to start feeling
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