THE Congress of Democrats and the National Patriotic Front, whose support base waned severely in last week’s polls, have refused to accept defeat.

The two parties failed to garner enough votes to secure a seat in the National Assembly when Namibians voted last Wednesday.

Other parties which failed to gain any seats are the National Democratic Party (NDP) and the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP).

CoD and NPF said they are seeking audience with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to raise their grievances, as well as investigating the results from polling stations countrywide.

So bad was the performance of the Congress of Democrats (CoD), which is one of the older political organisations, that they are facing the reality of failing to survive for the next five years as they no longer qualify for government funding without parliamentary representation.

The party’s total votes stood at 4 654 or 0,6%, while the National Patriotic Front (NPF)’s total votes were a measly 1 785, translating to 0,2%.

The NDP had 4 559 or 0,6 votes, and the WRP had 3 212 or 0,4% votes.

Speaking to The Namibian, CoD acting president Vaino Amuthenu said they are not entirely convinced with the results, and will challenge the final outcome.

He said they are still gathering information from all the polling stations to get a better picture of the results before they accept the outcome.

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