JOYFUL … Swapo supporters and sympathisers gathered at the ruling party’s office at Oshakati to celebrate their victory as they waited for the results to be announced on Saturday evening, 29 November 2019.


THE Namibia Defence Force (NDF) announced today that it was happy that peace and stability prevailed before, during and after the national elections that took place last week Wednesday.

In a media statement issued by the acting chief of NDF, air vice marshal Martin Pinehas, the NDF is “happy to announce with appreciation that the citizens of the Land of the Brave ensured that peace and stability prevailed before and during the polling process.”

Air Vice Marshall Martin Kambulu Pinehas. Photo: Contributed

The statement follows last week’s announcement, that the NDF had elevated the security level, after its observation of “dangerous insinuations” published on social media, ahead of last week’s election.

“After the announcement of [the] election results, the threats that were made before the elections continued to be shared on social media. NDF is particularly disturbed by declarations by some individuals that since their candidates did not win, they would resort to unconstitutional means such as assassination of the president, storming and burning of the State House, launching civil war, blocking of roads, and sabotaging of the government installations and national key points,” the statement reads.

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