By Clemans Miyanicwe

Damara King Justus //Garoëb

King Justus Garoeb, the royal head of the Damaran, called upon Namibians, especially the youth, to go and vote.

During an interview with The Namibian after casting his vote at the Donkerhoek informal settlement at Khorixas, he urged the youth to engage with the voting process and take on the responsibility of deciding their own future.

“Rights without responsibility builds no future. It’s your right to exercise your right to vote but the right without responsibility to vote today does not build a future of a nation,” the royal said.

“Exercise your rights. My message to the youth is to go out and vote,” King Garoeb urged.

The revered royal, who has a huge following, cheered up some voters who were surprised to see him at the Donkerhoek informal settlement. “It’s the King. He’s here,” said a delighted voter.

People were eager to shake his hands, but the king was told not to do so by his delegation and instead he chose to wave at them.
King Garoeb said he wanted to vote in the informal settlement since it was the first time the area had received its own polling station.

The Damara king has, for the past few years, mostly voted at Eddie Bowe Primary School hall, which is nearby the Donkerhoek informal settlement.

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