By Gabriel Erastus

Elders waiting to vote at Otjiwarongo. Photo: Gabriel Erastus

The manager of an old-age home at Otjiwarongo, where a polling station is situated, had a change of heart in the middle of the voting process.

According to regional election coordinator Laimi Onesmus, who was called in to deal with the situation at the polling station, the owner wanted to control who came in and voted, by claiming that is a private property.

Onesmus said that was surprising because the voting venue had been booked a long time ago.

Voting material was then moved from the old-age home hall to just within the yard.

Onesmus said she called in the police to cordon off part of the road to be used, at the same time giving an ultimatum to the manager that if everybody was not allowed to vote the old-age home residents would also not vote.

The manager afterwards changed her mind and the voting process continued within the yard.

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