By Gabriel Erastus

RESIDENTS who flocked to various polling centres in the Otjiwarongo constituency were greeted with queues moving at a snail’s pace, as only one EVM was fully functioning for the presidential and National Assembly voting process currently underway.

The residents turned up in large numbers but have had to line up for several hours to cast their votes.

One potential voter stated that she came to the Swaneveld hall polling station at 05h00, but by 09h00 she still hadn’t been assisted.

The Swaneveld hall is one of several central fixed points in Otjiwarongo.

The long, slow queues have been observed at most of the fixed points, such as the Ombili clinics, the army base and various clinics in the DRC informal settlement.

Some of the potential voters suggested that voting should stretch over at least two days, instead of just one, and voiced their concern that the choice to deploy two EVMs per polling station without considering the population of the area was not well thought through.

The Otjiwarongo constituency’s election coordinator, Mr. Mbindama, explained that those present did not have the authority to change the decision to set up only two EVMs per polling station as the decision was made well in advance.

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