By Adam Hartman

OKOMBAHE – UNITED Democratic Front presidential candidate Apius Auchab said that election day should be “embraced as a celebration of democracy” and that, at the end of the day, “the best man – or woman – will win”.

“After this democratic process, we should take the win or the loss and be able to shake hands and pledge our support for one another,” he told The Namibian at Okombahe in the Daures constituency, which is a UDF stronghold.

He said that his expectations were that Geingob could win, although Itula is a “blessing” to prompt a fresh approach to politics “as part of democracy”.

“Itula still has to learn that Namibian politics is still about parties and not issues, but that does not mean that there is not a place for issues. This is a process that will evolve, and there is a place for such persons as Itula,” said Auchab.

Auchab said he is also expecting UDF representation in Parliament to increase from the current two seats.

“UDF will from now on always have more seats,” he said optimistically.

As for EVMs, he said that politicians had had five years to “amicably deal with the matter”.

“To now bring the issue up at the doorstep of elections is not going to help anyone. We must make use of our opportunities; now we just have to hope the system is free and fair,” he said.

Polling stations in the Daures constituency – that is, Uis, Omatjete and Okombahe – all started on time with a slow but constant flow of voters, who were all pleased by the pace of the process.

The presiding officer at the Ogandakuku mobile polling station near Omatjete, Intonella Hipose, said that since 07h00, they have had 47 voters.

The mobile station moves to different areas in Daures after every three hours.

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