By Sakeus Iikela

IUM polling station, Windhoek. Photo: Sakeus Iikela.

A strange occurrence was recorded at the IUM polling station in Windhoek, where an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) started beeping without being touched. EVMs are only supposed to make a beeping sound after a voter has registered their vote.

Peyavi Tjaverua, who is the presiding officer at the IUM polling station, assured party agents that the machine was not adding up votes.
A quick count of the votes to tally the number of voters up to that point was performed.

Election observers and political party agents, however, asked: “How do we know that the machine [was] not rearranging the votes when it started beeping on its own?”

Tjaverua had no answer to the question but said he will record the incident.

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