By Tuyeimo Haidula

LATE VOTING … Voters at Ompumpu polling station in Oshakati West are unhappy that the process started late. The polling station is also using the manual way to check for registered voters. Photo: Tuyeimo Haidula

VOTERS at Ompumpu polling station at Oshakati West are unhappy since the voting process started exactly an hour and five minutes late. 

Presiding officer John Lutaka said one of their EVMs had a flashing light, which means that it had a flat battery. He said they had to ask the returning officer to ask if they can use it like that, but they had to replace the battery. Lutaka said unfortunately, their machine for scanning voters cards is also not working, and they are now using the manual system to check for records of voters registration. 

Aino Shilunga, who was next in line to vote, said it was very disappointing that some people came as early as 04h00, but only started voting after 08h00. 

Voters waiting at the Ompumpu polling station to cast their vote. Photo: Tuyeimo Haidula

Those in the queue also told The Namibian that they now feel they cannot trust the EVMs since the battery had to be changed, as they feel it might have been tampered with. 

The Namibian has observed that Swapo has two election observers on duty, as well as the Popular Democratic Movement, Republican Party and the independent candidate. Other political parties are not represented.

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