By Sakeus Iikela

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani says even though the Electoral Tribunal dismissed an urgent application challenging the use of the EVMs on technicalities on Monday, political parties and candidates should not pull out of the elections, as it will allow the ruling Swapo party to get a freehand without a challenge.

He said political parties and candidates for the elections must meet to find ways of monitoring the elections.

“Yes, we are saying there is a big problem. We have told the observers about it, but we are going to participate in the elections knowing that the fundamentals are never taken care off by the courts. Our courts have become only terrains of technicalities.

“They can run on technicalities but they will not hide from the fundamental questions. The fundamental questions is, there is no transparency of the vote if we are going to use the EVMs,” Venaani said.

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