… party leaders confident of survival

PATRIOTIC … UDF supporters pictured at an earlier party event.
Photo: File


ONE OF Namibia’s longest surviving minority political parties, the United Democratic Front (UDF), has vowed to remain in parliament, despite what it terms an ‘uneven playing field’ regarding the distribution of election campaign resources.

The party’s president, Apius !Auchab, told The Namibian that the UDF is going nowhere.

IN CHARGE … UDF party president Apius !Auchab.

“UDF will never die a natural death, like other small parties that have come and gone. All the parties that originated from Swapo have died. Then, you should ask yourself how come that while people are there, the party dies just like that? Something is wrong somewhere, but that will never happen with UDF.”

The UDF was formed as a coalition of different traditional groups and leaders in 1989 to participate in the country’s first democratic elections. In that year, it transformed into a political party under the leadership of chief Justus Garoëb.

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