CAMPAIGNING … Nudo’s Erongo coordinator and candi- date for the National Assembly, Uahimisa Kaapehi. Photo: Contributed


THE gains of independence have been tilted in favour of only a few individuals at the expense of the majority of the population.

This is according to Erongo coor- dinator for Nudo and candidate for parliament, Uahimisa Kaapehi.

Kaapehi added that state coffers are being looted, while the country is being ‘sold’ to foreigners, and its natural resources exploited by the elite.

Speaking at the party’s campaign rally at Swakopmund last weekend, he said the decline of the economy was due to the government giving a few elites the power to abuse individual liberties and prevent Namibia’s chances of success.

Nudo lays all the blame on the Swapo government for failing to implement inclusive service delivery and equal resources distribution throughout Namibia, he said, adding that the party wants to restore people’s self-reliance and self-confidence, which are the basis of personal responsibility and national success, instead of leaving all the power to the Swapo government.

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