In their election manifesto, LPM promises to address the country’s long-standing land problem.

THE Landless People’s Movement has promised to implement radical agrarian reform programmes to address past racial imbalances in land ownership, once elected into power this month.

In their election manifesto, the LPM – the youngest party contesting this year’s presidential and National Assembly elections – promises to address the country’s long-standing land problem.

The party has also promised to implement a fair land allocation programme to correct “present day government’s unfair land allocation, corruption in land acquisition, processing and resettlement”.

“LPM has consistently demanded radical land and agrarian reform. LPM has constantly demanded an end to the skewed land holding patterns, with communities, which lost land through colonial enterprise still eking out life in overcrowded communal former reserves,” reads the LPM manifesto.

Apart from land redistribution, the party will also implement a land restitution programme that will be considered “on a case-per-case basis” as it relates to ancestral land claims.

Other issues of concern to LPM are the proposals to expropriate land with just compensation.

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