Khorixas special voting trickles in ‘slow’

The polling station for Khorixas located at the town’s Youth Hall.
Photo: Clemans Miyanicwe


THE returning officer of the Khorixas constituency, Timothues !Aebeb, said today that special voting at the Kunene region town was proceeding slowly.

“The officers are coming in numbers. In the morning the process of voting was going smoothly,” !Aebeb said. According to him, Ani#Chab, Fransfontein and Bergsig police officers also voted at Khorixas.

In total 55 police officers in the area are eligible to vote during the elections today.

!Aebeb said four political party agents were at the polling station, representing Swapo, the United Democratic Front (UDF), the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM). The polling station would remain open until 21h00, !Aebeb said.

Regina !Aebes, returning officer for the Kamanjab constituency, told The Namibian that police officers from Werda gate and Kamtesa gate have already voted. “They are coming in slowly. It was better in the morning although it’s slow,” !Aebes said. She added that it seemed there were only a few officers remaining who could still vote.

Forty police officers are eligible to vote at Kamanjab according to the station commander, chief inspector Raymond de Klerk. Some officers are on study leave.

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  1. Let EVM voting continue without hindrance.

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