Itula asks tribunal to stop use of EVMs

Panduleni Itula


INDEPENDENT presidential candidate Panduleni Itula on Wednesday filed an urgent application in the Electoral Tribunal to have the Electoral Commission of Namibia ordered not to use electronic voting machines in the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections.

In an affidavit filed at the Electoral Tribunal of the Windhoek district, Itula said reports about missing EVMs cast doubts on the credibility of elections in which the machines are used in Namibia.

He said, as an alternative to the removal of the EVMs from the election process, the ECN must be ordered to implement a voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) system to function simultaneously and in conjunction with EVMs, or to deploy competent technicians to each polling station for verification of the machines if EVMs were to be used.

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  1. Dr Itula his chosen from God, he has good intentions towards Namibian people at large, he has a full story about all corrupted readers and their intentions, his focused and determined and devoted to be our future president, he fight for equal rights to all benefits for all citizens of the republic of 🇳🇦.

  2. My point is why should the EVM machines be used, while we have the EVM machines got lost in the same hands of the resigned corrupt government minister, Sacky Shanghala?

  3. We want ballot papers

  4. Conservatieve isue on evm machine its not swapo demand either public inlarge nop its the plan set by oposition parties and election comision with the support of that mybe its good to use electronic machine to up coming election so if majority are making a u turn not to use them due to disapearence of the evm also we are agree so that when one win or losse not to blame anyone

  5. It’s true we don’t want Evms I support him

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