By Sakeus Iikela

Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) president Gothard Kandume.
Photo: Paulus Kiiyala Shiku/Nampa

THE Christian Democratic Voice party says politicians who will take over the government after this year’s election must prioritise religion in every governance structure to address the socio-economic challenges faced by the nation.

The party’s president, Gothard Kandume, said in an interview with The Namibian yesterday that the current economic woes and prevailing drought situation, as well as other social problems in Namibia, could all be things of the past if the leaders prioritise God before everything. He added that the current socio-economic problems were evidence that those who have been in the government for a long time had not prioritised God, concluding “that’s why they failed”.

Kandume’s party is among 15 political parties contesting this year’s National Assembly election to be held later this month.

The CDV leader stated that they want to go to parliament to address several problems that Christians in the country were confronted with as a result of the government neglecting God.

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