by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

A HEALTH worker has become the fourteenth person in Namibia confirmed to have been infected with the novel coronavirus, the minister of health, Kalumbi Shangula, has announced.

Shangula said the latest case was also part of a group still being monitored in isolation.

The latest victim came into contact with the third person who was confirmed to be infected with the virus – a German national who has since recovered.

Also on Thursday, the ministry of information said it was considering other measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic, especially among people in the informal sector of the economy

Information minister Peya Mushelenga also confirmed that the government will now be distributing information in vernacular languages of Namibia to reach more of the country’s people.

“We have already put together pamphlets that will be distributed countrywide ,” he said.

The country point person on the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Bernard Haufiku, underscored the need for better communication and engagement platforms.

“I suppose we need to have a better channel of engagement and as we go we will have information being disseminated daily from here,” he said, referring to a Covid-19 information centre that was opened in Windhoek on Thursday.
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