by Charmaine Ngatjihueue

HEALTH minister Kalumbi Shangula says his ministry is faced with challenges of having to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak while tackling  existing health problems at the same time.

Kalumbi Shangula

Speaking at the Covid-19 communication centre in Windhoek this morning, Shangula said diseases such as hepatitis E and malaria are still persisting in Namibia to date.

He said the control of hepatitis E greatly benefited from the interventions against Covid-19 and the country is now reporting fewer cases.

“Malaria is another disease of great health importance. This year, Namibia experienced good rain and we are now seeing an upsurge in the number of malaria cases in the northern health districts. The fight against malaria requires cooperation of the public to institute personal protective measures against mosquito bites. We call on the public to be aware of the danger of malaria in the middle of Covid-19 and act as required,” he said.

Covid-19 Health Update

Namibia now has 13 recoveries, according to the minister, who said the new recovery is case seven.

He said the country remains with 16 confirmed Covid-19 cases, and three are active, with no deaths.

To date, Namibia has tested 2 074 people, including 129 who tested yesterday. The results from these tests have been negative so far.

 In total, 243 contacts were traced.

The total number of people that have been kept in quarantine facilities is 1 258.

Of this number, 680 have been discharged while 578 are still in the facilities.

“As we fight Covid-19, let us not be oblivious of other diseases that are of public importance,” the minister noted.

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