by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

NAMIBIA will launch targeted testing for highly exposed professions, including the mining, fisheries and media sectors on Monday.

Health minister Kalumbi Shangula confirmed the move over the weekend, saying it will give a true assessment of whether there are any cases of community spread.

He says the government hopes to test 200 000 Namibians.
“We are now moving foward to a level of targeted testing where we will identify certain exposed groups including mining, fisheries as well as journalist. The targeted testing will continue until we are satisfied with the responses on the ground,” he said.
Widespread testing is considered key in measuring the impact of the contagious virus in risk groups and will also inform government well on how to implement an exit strategy from the lockdown.
The targeted testing coincides with a countrywide lockdown that has resulted in the country being classifies into zones for movement control.

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