What does it mean to be under lockdown?
• This means everybody is to stay at home and move around only when necessary, like when visiting the bank, pharmacy or to buy food.
• Movement is not only restricted within the country, but its borders are also closed.

When did the lockdown start ?
• According to the published regulations, it officially started at 14h00 on Saturday 28 March.

When will the lockdown end?
• Should the president not extend the period, it will end at 23h59 on 17 April.

What are people allowed to do during the lockdown?
• People are allowed to go to banks, pharmacies or supermarkets. However, social distancing of one metre and hand sanitising are to be practised.

What are people not allowed to do?
• People are not allowed to attend gatherings of large amounts of people such as church services, schools and entertainment events. People are encouraged to stay home.

Are people allowed to consume alcohol?
• People are allowed to consume alcohol, but the sale thereof is prohibited. Anyone selling alcohol will receive a fine not exceeding N$2 000 or six months’ imprisonment.

Which establishments are allowed to remain open?
• All shops and businesses must be closed, except those certified as providing critical services.

Which establishments have been ordered to remain shut?
• Open markets, places of informal trading, shebeens, bars, pubs and nightclubs may not operate.

Do these regulations apply to Khomas (including Rehoboth and Okahandja) and Erongo only?
• They apply to the whole of Namibia, except where otherwise stipulated.

– Compiled by Ndanki Kahiurika

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