by Ester Mbathera

THE transport giant FP du Toit this afternoon employed the services of a state ambulance to transport two dismissed employees to a state quarantine facility. The employees were dismissed yesterday afternoon after not adhering to quarantine regulations.

The two employees of FP du Toit at the company’s depot where they were quarantined earlier. Photo: Ester Mbathera

This morning another employee was reportedly tasked with transporting his colleagues with a company vehicle, but refused.

The company’s acting manager at their Walvis Bay depot, Callie Schubert, declined to comment on the matter and referred The Namibian to the company’s chief executive officer in Windhoek. 
CEO Stephan Terblanche refuted claims that an employee was asked to transport his colleagues. 
“No, never. We are not the government; we can’t remove people. We can only protect our business and we don’t allow people onto our premises,” Terblanche said. 
Although they are not displaying any Covid-19 symptoms, Japhet Ndjuluwa and Andreas Hamukwaya are currently accommodated at the isolation facility at the state hospital.
Chief principal health officer of Erongo Dr Amir Shakir did not know the men were housed at the hospital, saying: “The facility at the hospital is not for quarantine, it is for isolation. Maybe they are kept there until they go to the quarantine facility. We have different places like lodges and hotels.”
Shakir wanted to know why the company dismissed employees under quarantine. He said a meeting with the company’s management as well as the Walvis Bay constituency councillor is scheduled for tomorrow. 
All foreign truck operators are prohibited from entering the town and are quarantined at a truck port outside Walvis Bay. Local transporters are allowed to park their trucks at private depots in town.

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