by Ester Mbathera

An employee of FP du Toit Transport refused to transport two dismissed employees to a government facility where they will stay for the rest of their quarantine period.  Japhet Ndjuluwa and Andreas Hamukwaya were shown the door yesterday for breaking quarantine regulations.

FP du Toit employees Andreas Hamukwaya and Japhet Ndjuluwa who were dismissed yesterday for breaching the quarantine regulations. Photo: Ester Mbathera

The company charged them with gross negligence and breach of security and safety rules.

Jerobeam Kamulu refused to move his colleagues saying he is not trained to transport people to be quarantined, neither has he been provided with protective clothing. 

“I have no letter from the health ministry or police to do so. I was told to take them to the hospital. To who? And what do I tell the hospital staff? I don’t know,” Kamulu said.

The two cross-border truck drivers will be under quarantine for two weeks at the company’s depot at Walvis Bay, while the rest are allowed to carry out their duties as usual. 

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