by Shinovene Immanuel

HEALTH minister Kalumbi Shangula says the new regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus apply to all the regions across the country.

The government announced strict measures on Friday to contain the spread of the virus, including a ban on alcohol sales and public gatherings of more than ten people and the suspension of non-essential services.

There has been confusion on whether the regulations announced on Friday were only applicable to the Khomas and Erongo regions, where a lockdown including restrictions on the movement of people came into effect at the start of Saturday.

“Namibia is in a state of emergency. The Khomas and Erongo region are under lockdown. The measures which have been put in place do not only apply to Khomas and Erongo. It applies to the whole country,” Shangula told The Namibian on Saturday.

He added that “we want everybody to comply, cooperate and remain calm. The bars must be closed everywhere in the country. For the next 21 days, we will have a sober nation,” he said.

While the state of emergency regulations published in the Government Gazette on Saturday make it clear that restrictions on the movement of people apply only in the Khomas and Erongo regions at this stage, the regulations also state that they otherwise apply to the whole of Namibia.

The regulations further state that nobody may sell alcohol during the period of the lockdown, which is defined as the period when the movement of people is restricted.

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