by Luqman Cloete

Potential Covid-19 patients kept at a quarantine facility at Keetmanshoop on Friday threatened to leave in protest of the delay in getting their test results.

Potential Covid -19 patients kept in quarantine at Keetmanshoop have expressed their concerns over delayed Covid-19 test results.

Johanna Rooi (26) said she was admitted to the facility on 13 August, and was tested for Covid-19.

According to her, her children aged three ande five years were also taken without her consent to a quarantine facility at Rosh Pinah.

She said the children were released after week and had been in the care their grandfather.

Infuriated by the delay in getting her test results, Rooi yesterday threatened to leave the facility.
She said police were called and allegedly threatened to lock her up at the holding cells if she dared to leave the facility without being discharged by health workers.

Rooi’s threats however appeared to pay off as a few hours later, a health worker presented her with results showing she tested negative for the coronavirus.

She was jubilant after her results came out and shouted: “I can now go home…I have tested negative”.

Poppet Vries, who remains in quarantine at the facility, accused the health workers of what she termed lack of coordination.

Vries charged she was not provided meals on Sunday after being admitted to the facility, and attributed this to the lack of coordination among the health workers.

“If their (health directorate) administration was proper, I would have been given food after being admitted to the facility,” she said.
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