Video: Okeri Ngutjinazo

Panellists at the Covid-19 daily updated on Monday morning discussed the dos and don’ts of masks. Included on the panel were technical medical officer Dr Apollo Basenero and WHO medical officer Mary Brantuo.

Basenero explained that reusable masks should be washed and ironed to ensure they are clean.

Brantuo said guidelines about layering and material used should be followed for reusable masks. It should be approved by health authorities before being allowed for use. She says masks are important to use as we interact with people outside our homes, such as at shopping malls and at work.

Brantuo also said it is important for people to leave medical masks for health workers as they attend to Covid-19 cases. She says the public should use cloth masks instead. She says people should still follow measures such as hand washing, avoiding to touch the face, and keeping a distance of one metre from each other.

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