by Mercy Karuuombe

THE Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) has proposed that all schools close for the rest of June and July.

TUN secretary general Mahongora Kavihuha said this in a letter addressed to education executive director Sanet Steenkamp.

He said that the proposal was driven by the alarming increase in Covid-19 cases among pupils and teachers.

Kavihuha also proposed that the health ministry allow vulnerable teachers with underlying health conditions and pregnant educators to work from home immediately.

He said that schools should be provided with personal protective equipment as it has been observed that they are running out of health consumables.

“We propose that the schools where cases of Covid-19 have been detected close for a period of seven days instead of the three days that we are observing,” Kavihuha said.

He urged Steenkamp to encourage some principals and regional education officials to stop insisting that teachers continue to work at schools where active Covid-19 infections have been detected.

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