LIVE (Ended) … Covid-19 task force address on task force operations

Dr. Bernhard Haufiku

The leader of the Covid-19 task force, former health minister Dr Bernard Haufiku, is addressing the media on the task force operations. He is doing so as part of a media engagement event taking place in Windhoek.

Haufiku says there are gaps that can be dealt with so that the fight against Covid-19 can be won. He also said the Khomas and Erongo regions’ lockdown starts midnight at the end of Friday, not the end of Thursday.

In reference to those quarantined at Greiters Conference Centre outside Windhoek and chaos at Hosea Kutako International Airport, Haufiku said people are not against the quarantine itself but want proper services whilst in quarantine.

Haufiku said retailers, hotels and restaurants are all essential services. They cannot close but the number of people must be limited to no more than ten people.

Rehoboth and Okahandja will not be locked out of the Khomas region, because of people that do essential services but commute from there.

Haufiku said the labour ministry, gender and poverty ministry as well as finance ministry are coming up with a strategy to not push people into poverty by paying taxis that drive between towns for money and also considering cash transfers for vendors.

Anyone outside Khomas and Erongo after midnight on Friday has to stay where they are until the 21 days of regional lockdown are over.

The former health minister said the mines ministry has to come up with a strategy that can work as some mines cannot close down as they fear that it would become a permanent closure.

Furthermore, he reiterated* that newspapers can be transported across the country.

*Yesterday information minister Peya Mushelenga said the media is an important stakeholder in information dissemination about the Covid-19 pandemic, thus media houses will be able to transport their newspapers countrywide despite the planned lockdown of the Khomas and Erongo regions.

Haufiku said the closure of bars at 18h00 needs to be revisited as people might exceed the 50 people limit when gathering before 18h00.

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