by Victoria Wolf

TWO employees at the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare have tested positive for Covid-19.

This follows an announcement by the ministry earlier today that its head office would be closed for disinfection for the remainder of the week.

Both employees work at the ministry’s head office.

Ministry spokesperson Lukas Haufiku says: “We have a high influx of people, especially in our children’s department, so this is a precautionary measure.”

Haufiku says through contact tracing, three additional people with exposure to Covid-19 were found to have visited the ministry’s head office recently.

“Our employees are encouraged to go for testing, to sanitise and wear their masks, and not to stigmatise fellow employees,” he says.

Haufiku says from next week, the ministry will adopt a rotating schedule for staff.

“It’s really unfortunate . . . we have to be open as there’s no other way we can offer our services, but we are being strict about social distancing and sanitising,” he says.

The ministry’s head office will reopen on Monday.

Services will be limited for the remainder of the week, and queries will be attended to telephonically.

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