by Charmaine Ngatjiheue and Ester Mbathera

INSPECTOR general Sebastian Ndeitunga yesterday sent around 40 staff members from a department at the police headquarters home after one of them was tested for Covid-19.

The Namibian understands that the staff members are all from the Directorate of Gender and Welfare on the fifth floor of the police building.

The employee who was tested is expected to receive his Covid-19 results today, while the rest of the department has now been subjected to quarantine.

Ndeitunga told The Namibian yesterday that the employee who has been subjected to a Covid-19 test allegedly came in contact with a person who was suspected to have contracted Covid-19.

“We are expecting the results of the person tomorrow (today) and people in the department were sent home. For now, everything is under control, we are just waiting for the outcome of the results of that person,” the inspector general said.

In a different case, Khomas regional police commander, commissioner Joseph Shikongo has been quarantined after coming into contact with an alleged fugitive who tested positive for Covid-19 last week.

The alleged fugitive, Immanuel David (35), illegally entered Namibia on 12 June and was subsequently apprehended in Windhoek on 13 June, with Shikongo having been one of the officers arresting him.

Shikongo is one of 13 police officers quarantined after apprehending David, who is Namibia’s coronavirus case 33.

Ndeitunga confirmed that Shikongo is in quarantine but is in good health.

“The regional commander is quarantined but they [the quarantined officers] are being taken care of and are in high spirits. They have been tested, and up to now everything is fine. They have been quarantined since Sunday,” he said.

Ndeitunga added that some of the officers who are quarantined were depressed at the beginning but eventually accepted the situation.

Speaking to The Namibian, Shikongo said he is in good health, is still in charge of policing in the region, and does not have any Covid-19-related symptoms.

“I am fine. Excellent, very very well. I am not even feeling anything. I am not sick. No symptoms,” he said.

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