by Ester Mbathera

ADHERING to the lockdown directive for Khomas and Erongo regions is proving difficult, as it has come at a time when many are receiving their salaries.

Members of the NDF on the streets of Kuisebmond at Walvis Bay.

Same goes for the World Health Organisation’s advice on how people should behave to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

Long queues are still being observed at grocery retail shops, banks and street food outlets.

In the township of Kuisebmond at Walvis Bay, the residents are still going about their usual activities. Car wash businesses are operating while owners of the vehicles sit and refresh with a beer or two while they are waiting.

Others are roaming the streets oblivious to what is going on. Children are still in the play park and running from house to house visiting their friends.

Out of concern, six community activists took to the streets of Kuisebmond this afternoon to sensitise the community on the lockdown directive as well as how to behave to avoid exposure to the virus.

“We found children roaming the streets, being sent to the tuckshops by elders to buy things like bread. The other problem is that many people have consumed alcohol and it is difficult to educate a person who is under the influence of alcohol,” said Absalom Fillipus, a community activist.

Avoiding large groups is also proving to be a challenge, as many houses in Kuisebmond have backyard shacks accommodating more than 20 people in a yard.

“These kambashus (backyard shacks) do not have windows, making it difficult for the people to remain indoors. Meaning people will spend most of their time outside. But we are telling them to practice social distancing. I don’t know how we will convince the people to keep the distance and avoid mingling,” added Fillipus.

Members of the Namibian Police and Namibian Defence Force are in the street advising people to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings.

They have also been to the Independence Beach where they found several people enjoying themselves.

They are also advising hair salon and barbershop operators to scale down activities.

The law enforcement officers are expected to intensify their activities in the coming weeks.

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