by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

HEALTH minister Kalumbi Shangula says the first Covid-19 case involving the Romanian couple at one point tested negative for the virus, but later tested positive. The health care officials suspect re-infection.

The Romanian nationals, who came to Namibia through Spain, were diagnosed with Covid-19 on 13 March.

Speaking at the Covid-19 Communication Centre this afternoon, Shangula said case one tested positive again because the patient shared a room with the spouse (case two), who was still positive.

The minister noted that the re-infection issue is not new and is well-documented in other countries.

“The first two cases involve a couple that shared a room. So, even after case one tested negative at some point, the person later on tested positive, which is a possible re-infection. We have separated the couple with their consent and we are waiting to see whether they would recover,” the minister noted.

He noted that the couple has been asymptomatic and is not on any treatment but is in isolation to monitor the situation and recovery.

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