by Taati Niilenge

A YOUNG Walvis Bay couple has taken it upon themselves to lessen the burden of families negatively affected by the lockdown by feeding children.

FEEDING WALVIS BAY… Anastacia de Klerk and Justin Herbert happy to see children coming to collect food at their Narraville residence at Walvis Bay.

Anastacia de Klerk and Justin Herbert of Narraville decided to mobilise resources from other residents of the town to buy food, as they realised that many children at the town were roaming the streets hungry.
“Many people’s salaries were cut. Those who used to sell things cannot do so anymore until the lockdown ends and no one knows when that will be. Parents are under stress. As you know, children become hungry fast, especially when they are out of school.

“If employed people are complaining about the current financial situation, what about those who are unemployed and cannot buy enough food? We felt that we should do something.” said de Klerk.
The couple received food, pots and clothing from friends and other well-wishers, and started feeding 44 children on 4 June. Two weeks later, the number grew to 146 children, with ages ranging from five months to 19 years. 
The couple initially planned feeding children once per week, but have opted to provide meals every day, as there is now a big daily demand for food.

The children also received care packages that included masks, a bar of soap, toothbrushes, an activity book and clothes.
“I want to congratulate the couple for starting the feeding scheme in our area. It’s amazing and it really helps me a lot with my children because I’m unemployed. I never felt so blessed. I pray that God blesses you in every way,” said a parent, Meurice Emerenthia Diergaardt.
“There are a lot of children going hungry in our community, and this initiative makes the burden of some parents who are unable to provide enough food for their children, a little lighter.

“The feeding scheme came at the right time. It is doing a lot for single and unemployed parents. God has sent them to provide,” said another parent, Ivy Laksman. 
The couple makes sure that children observe social distancing when they come to collect the food and also use hand sanitizers.

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