Rundu Ngandu festival postponed

ORGANISERS of the Ngandu festival at Rundu have postponed the second edition of the annual event to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The festival was slated to take place on 10 and 11 April this year. Founder of the Ngandu event Andreas Gustav announced on Sunday that the festival, estimated to attract 2 000 to 5 000 attendees this year, provides a platform for artists, entrepreneurs and athletes from the two Kavango regions to sell and grow their product offerings. Gustav added that a new date for the festival would be announced and communicated to members of the public timeously subject to the control of the outbreak. 

Hardap sets up task force for virus

GOVERNOR of the Hardap region Esme Isaack said her region, along with Ministry of Health and Social Services, has identified five thematic areas, which would serve as a framework for controlling the spread of Covid-19 and for responding to possible cases of infection. These are coordination and logistics, case management and infection control, surveillance and laboratory services, controlling points of entry and social mobilisation, community engagement and media, as well as psycho-social support. 

SBN announces 1% cut in interest rates 

STANDARD Bank has cut its prime lending rate following the Bank of Namibia’s decision to cut the repo rate by 100 basis points from 6,325% to 5,25%. The 1% reduction, effective from yesterday, will see a rate decrease on deposits, loans and advances. The reduction is also meant to relieve the financial burden on consumers, as well as to mitigate the potential impact of Covid-19 on clients and the country in general. Another measure taken by the bank includes the regular sanitisation of ATMs. 

Grove Mall takes measures against virus spread

THE Grove Mall in Windhoek is upping sanitation to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Several shops at the mall have taken to providing customers with hand sanitisers at the entrances, while management at the mall has hired additional cleaning teams to keep the mall clean. General manager JP Duncan told The Namibian that they also plan on providing additional sanitisers at the mall entrances, but they are currently waiting for new stock.

Tip of the day:

STOP touching your face to help prevent you from getting the virus. To do this, change your behaviours by noting how often you touch your face and making a log. You can also manage the triggers forcing you to touch your face. This means keeping nails short if you tend to bite them, or using hooks or hair ties if your glasses keep sliding off your nose. Another way to stop scratching and touching your face is to keep your hands busy. Use a stress ball or any fidget device.

 – Compiled by Roxane Bayer 

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