SANLAM Namibia and its subsidiaries Welwitschia Insurance Brokers and Sanlam Investments have pledged N$3,5 million to support various initiatives to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Photo: Nampa

An amount of N$500 000 will go towards procuring protective wear and equipment for health workers, N$500 000 towards sanitation infrastructure, another N$500 000 towards the National Covid-19 Fund, N$1 million to e-learning and education, N$800 000 for testing and screening equipment, and the last N$200 000 will go to the construction of nurses’ and doctors’ workstations, where testing will be undertaken.

Paying it forward
A GROUP of Namibians, forming the Paying It Forward initiative, have come together after a video circulated online showing a disgruntled woman pleading for food assistance. The group has so far donated food to 25 households in the Okahandja Park and Okuryangava settlements in Windhoek.

Manufacturer donates dishwashing soap to Havana
LINDA P Creations, a new local manufacturer of cleaning materials, has donated dishwashing liquid to five locations in Havana, Windhoek.

According to the owner, Linda Ndakolo, more than 500 people from Namibia Nalitungwe, Oohambo dha Nehale, Mathew Shikongo, Soviet Union and the Kapuka Nauyala locations benefited from the donation. Ndakolo added that while her company is still small, they chose to make a small difference in the lives of people during the coronavirus pandemic.

– Compiled by Roxane Bayer

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