A GROUP of 35 Namibians and residence permit holders who were put under quarantine have been cleared and sent home.

The group arrived in the country from Europe on 21 March and were put under supervised quarantine for 14 days as part of the government’s precautionary measures against the spread of the coronavirus. Health minister Kalumbi Shangula told The Namibian on Sunday that the group has been cleared and discharged.

PDM criticizes ruling party
THE Popular Democratic Movement has accused the ruling Swapo Party of having failed to set a clear policy and adequately plan for combating Covid-19. The PDM requested the government to re-evaluate its current testing protocol, adding that the opposition political party believes there is a lack of adequate information being released by the government on the situation.

The PDM further demanded transparency around the N$8,1 billion stimulus package aimed to support the economy, requesting the minister of finance to provide a clear explanation of the source of the funds.

The party also suggested that all Namibians who have been retrenched or placed on unpaid leave should be allowed to draw two-thirds of their monthly salary from the Social Security Commission.

Rundu hospital reduces visiting hours to fight COVID-19
The Rundu State Hospital has reduced its daily visiting hours to the public, as a measure to contain the further spread of Covid-19.

Its public relations officer, Lebeus Musongo in an interview with Nampa on Friday said apart from that measure, patients are now only allowed to have one person at a time visiting them.

“A memo was sent out to all staff members informing them of the limited visiting hours in which it was explained why such an effect has been put in place,” Musongo said.

– Compiled by Roxane Bayer/Nampa

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