by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

The Bank of Namibia reported a second novel coronavirus case on Thursday.

According to the bank’s strategic communications director, Emma Haiyambo, the case involves a staff member from the bank’s head office who was last at the office on Tuesday last week (28 July).

“As a result, the head office shall be disinfected on Friday, 7 August,” she said.

Haiyambo informed the public that the bank is still operational, and no disruptions are envisaged.

However, the bank’s public tellers will be open for business only until 13h00 on Friday.

“The bank remains dedicated to protecting the well-being of its staff members, and the public is urged not to panic as all necessary measures have been put in place to adhere to health protocols established with regards to Covid-19,” Haiyambo said.

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