by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

HEALTH minister Kalumbi Shajngula has urged Namibians should adhere to the social distancing regulations for stage 3.

ADHERENCE … Panelists at the covid-19 communication centre will be addressing the adherence of regulations by Windhoek residents in stage 3 of the lockdown. From left, City of Windhoek strategic executive Fillemon Hambuda, the city’s health and environment manager Mary-Anne Kahitu and City Police head chief Abraham Kanime. Photo: Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Speaking at the communication centre in Windhoek this morning, Shangula said this coming weekend will be the first weekend of stage 3 on relaxed lockdown regulations.

He said those hosting gatherings such as church services should stick to 50 people in addition to taking the information of those attending.

“The number of 50 should also include the organisers as well,” he said.

The minister said Namibia has no new Covid-19 cases but case 22 is still in intensive care but in stable condition.

The minister further said 4 017 tests have been conducted thus far, and Namibia remains with 25 cases and 16 active.

“With the opening of liquor outlets and the approaching weekend, I’d like to urge the public to behave themselves and stay protected to avoid overburdening the health system,” he said.

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